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Intuitive Eating Coaching

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Fuel your body, intuitively

Learn how to listen to your body, honor your cravings, and fuel your athletic performance.

Customized to YOU

You have a unique journey that needs a unique plan customized for you.

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Having Trouble Finding Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Overcoming disordered eating or an eating disorder is no easy feat, and being an athlete adds a level of complexity that most intuitive eating coaches won’t tackle. Hello! That’s my specialty! Let me help you rediscover your balance with food, life, and lifting. 

Be an athlete without the guilt of tracking macros.

I’m not here to bash on macro tracking. It’s a wonderful tool for those who can use it, but what about people like us? People who have suffered from some type of disordered eating or an eating disorder? Numbers, macros, food brings us panic. We feel like we are forced to choose between being an athlete and having a healthy relationship with food. But we don’t! There is another way. Intuitive eating helped me re-gain a healthy relationship with food and allowed to be the athlete I always wanted to be.

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About Mary Morton


Navigating the world of nutrition as a strength sport athlete can be difficult, add disordered eating on top, and it can turn into a nightmare. I get it, I’ve been there. I spent years learning how to incorporate intuitive eating into my training and how I could use intuitive eating to achieve my strength goals. Now I coach female strength athletes who have overcome disordered eating or are over-coming their disordered eating habits how to eat intuitively to fuel their athletic potential.  

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